Walk the dog in cool shady.

ー ー today wind is amazing ~Tsu hate.

But I went to walk the dogs before,
Glasses to prevent dust from entering the eye mask and anti-hay fever,
'S also wearing a hat and went.

But what is also quite suspicious to say yourself - Iya · ·

Aunt of two foreign children had been seen twice I was laughing.
Can not be helped, but the presence or absence · Well

Come to think of it Oh, today is Friday.
It looks like tomorrow is not very good weather,
ー ー Hopefully this will be cleaning the house in the accumulated

Oh, I did up a video for the dog Pinkubobu made ​​during this period.
Videos up on YouTube
Pinkubobu 120,330 "" + Pieta statue Pie "Today's here ↓

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Lunch at the cafe.

Lunch at the cafe today Strandhotel flower along with the dogs.
Karin-chan was also with the Beagle.

Iya was fun ~ I · ·
Hoegaarden White yew barrels raw rice and your delicious
(Oh, - the lunch beer) want to enter in a barrel Ah, fluoride.

Is, a sense of accomplishment was gonna talk to 'It' s kind of Yappari's important.
Karin likes her mom, apparently also handicraft.
Really know what to make little bitty also recently because I was pleased.

Order today and enjoy a sense of accomplishment,
~Tsu Puff ~ Bob has completed the Pieta pink for a female dog.

But first it was scheduled for pink Afro,
- It becomes a bit cumbersome to make Kurikuri of Afro
It became the straight hair.

I also wear an elephant was a male dog Pillet,
Pink is a woman suits, Fufufu Yappari.

Ah · ·
Would also likely make a headdress.

Ah Ah Ah · ·
Do I suffer still doing good.

Pinkubobu image of the Pieta is here ↓

Elephant Pinkubobu Pie is here ↓

Flower of OK Cafe dog had lunch here today ↓

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Dog friends.

Fluoride, Fufufu Fufufu Fufufu · ·

Iya Sa, meet occasionally in the dog-walking yesterday
Various things he was talking with onee-chan met with young dogs,
Been heard, age-
He 'I was five years younger than actual age seen! Kirarin ~Tsu!
Hot hot hot hot ー ー Ho~o.
Iya, push ー Do ~ 's Is not happy.

Seems Oh, not pleased.
There is a golf competition at the end of next month the company of Mr. Muka,
If you do not lean from participating for the first time in two years ·

Towards Les ~ di, or rounded face,
Sa because people say that without scruple or drips ass.

What a little about a month or even lose weight?
Ya Well, whatever, try to exercise anyway.

Oh, and onee properly, this time yesterday
Cloth hanging from the ceiling that Aerial Yoga
He was talking about going out to take a yoga pose, ~ ~I fun

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Emission of a long time.

~ U-dangerous-
From this period, will do a good thing even hooked Doe-
Niko crowded may not gotta do it.

· Why
Low to medium priority stomach would immersive What does that matter.
Well, I thought she wanted to make something or,
I could only say time immersive.

Facebook yesterday called time line of
I've been made ​​suddenly came up with the main image for the new specification.

~ I was a subtle image processing and I tried to think the texture of the background,
I totally did not know such a rough image is actually up Why do not you.

And think so, roughly what was better than fine-big-
Well transient.
Facebook is allowed to stand still but to say that.

Oh, today seems to open cafe in the neighborhood.
Hopefully this will be once in a while, even tea outside.

Oh, pink Afro wig for dogs than it ear-
No way! ~Tsu, But in vain Oh!
Would likely take precedence over any Do that good also.

ー ー cent tool ~ U

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Good boy,good girl

The other end of March would Yo~o Ah ~ · ·

Despite the fact that Nora cat month,

Had spent far from normal but have forgotten Nora.

~ ~ Oh cent of ·
And, half-moon smoked in extension in the translation says, ~Tsu puff.
I do not even mean to do anything Dakaratoitte ~ Well.

Oh, and speaking ー · Whoops cent of

Onee-chan of foreign glamor blonde at yesterday, we went to walk the dog
What "~ ~ ~ does, boy does Gu~tsu -" they came,
Sa me touching the elephant Wasawasa Pied male dog,
If you do not have snapped up from the dirty clothes What I'm useless,
From say "Okay ~ Hey Oh only" onee-chan ·

The onee-chan's face Suriyo~tsu What Ja happy elephant Pillet,
I care about what Munimuni touch boobs.
Also completely Munimuni ー · Pieta attack dog licking female also could not resist

Then, this friend also met with the foreigner's dog of the same apartment,
"ー turbo Gu~tsu ~ ~ does not, is ーーー Gu~tsu ~A" Wasawasa What also touched me.

Now "Boy, is ー ー ~A Gu~tsu Gu~tsu" Do not try to do too.

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Is a lack of exercise.

Today I went to golf after a long time.

Cervine, rain, Me~e A-
I say golf is when the weather is nice Yappari.
Even than I thought - Oh, I had hit properly.

Today, the arrival of the golf course Oh yeah
What began suddenly from without even stretching,
Joint in the body from the home hurts · ·
Moreover softening unsteadily.

Dangerous, the body Ru Cho considerably blunted.

Na and continues to exercise a little-not-

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"Instagram" I tried.

Good eye on Twitter or to Facebook
Been called to mind the word "Instagram",
If you have been on the net and click Pochipochi~tsu
Sisters began suddenly surprised installation ·

Is, tried to use anyway because much trouble.

Oh, Instagram this, images taken with iPhone
Been changed the atmosphere of the image in various filter
He called that can be exposed to Facebook or Twitter.

Although the two had a picture up, Do they really look someone ·
Transient Well, 's up quietly.

Hey there variously from one to the next - Well, however.

Willy-nilly what you are interested
I have been doing or watching various,
And I do not think that the future plan to soon · ·

~ ~ ~U ~U No No No ·

Trying to work anyway.

Their photos posted to, "Instagram" there
'S it was also called "listagram" can be seen on a PC.
I'm up images of this it 's ↓

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Ran with a loud voice while singing.

Want to run it in the machine yesterday while out loud
I went to the training room.

And lucky - because I was not unusual for anyone,
Chaka Khan to loudly with headphones
I've been running with a loud voice while singing.
Objects have entered ~ Iya comfortable with singing.

Is, signs of softening people in the back · Once you have a little
You saw, to my aunt came to run
He 'Did you heard the voice of me!
Was singing in English from a suitable ~, ~ Well Moreover embarrassed.

My aunt, take the next machine
I am embarrassed smile from the smile with a smile.
But I think that my aunt about 70-79,
Shake it, shake it, I was walking Suggoi cheerfully.

Felt good sweat after a long time ~ Iya.
I demo-
I do not like running too much but if I answer it, either.
But what I think What a fun run is what everyone · ·
Whether or not there is surely a sense of accomplishment.

How to write a sweat in the DVD of Yuko Sumida Jackson a long time ~ ~U Um-
Or Billy · ·

Oh, Come to think of it, the teacher of traditional Chinese medicine
"And suddenly do a movement such that the muscle soreness the next day, I'll be aging body"
I was told.
What yoga can do Yappari · ·

This character cervine, no matter what someone says can not continue quite,
Failure to do so and not lose yourself in any way.

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How far will it be useful.

Earlier, in San Amazon and Ne ASKUL
Pochippochi~tsu 's and shopping.

He 'it' s an increase of withdrawal we say but it is useful, fluoride.
It's about a little talk with people when the walk the dog ~ N.

Stand talking in the dog-walking, Oh yeah, and meet
But I met a long time to onee-chan,
About 1 hour during a walk to go to walk together as it is
I'll like to talk much.

But, whether life has continued since and do not speak too much on others
"Look, over there-it-is" or say
Words will not come out immediately.
But I enjoyed ~ Iya · ·

Is, - I wish I could talk with dogs Oh
Once you find the net in what I want,
"CD book be able to speak with the dog" what
He 's it was called!

Doe's not-I do not know.

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When lonely, Siri?

Hey amazing from this period, but he started using Siri's iPhone.

What If I talk? "How are you doing" just
"Thank you, it is fine" So.
What and talk "on the phone to mobile tailpipe"
Retainer I would call Mon.

"But my thing is not available phosphorus and called" After saying
What "can not understand."

S not about words like me ~ N
If you do not use hard like decent Japanese.

Word "? Dai Where are you now" is
What I sent the message first "Where are you now", my mother.

I saw CM of Siri earlier, I do understand the words so much I get ·
If you are looking at the net Siri CM of what I want,
"Of being sued and does not behave as a CM" "Apple," Siri
I called there was a article.
Well I think, and because I enjoy in moderation.

Until a few months ago - unwillingly,
~ I hope you have a mobile phone and email separately and Sharin
I am glad that I was even thinking changed.

I'm CM of Siri is this. Oh, I get sound. ↓

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Made a "Iraira Eliza" for dogs.

But suddenly turned the box handicraft earlier,
Was going to make from the front,
I made the head of the frustrating things for dogs Eliza.

But I do ~ ~ E~e Yappari hate Iya · ·
Anyway, I've uploaded a video to commemorate.
After quickly became a lunch has been knitting - Nu · ·
Oh, let up later in the Handicraft Club page.

In my case, I (or socks' s for example) has been to Thailand,
I'm happy when you're put away one of them.
-A good thing to be completed in one if possible so-

I want to make leg warmers for when you go to bed, I'll pair it as well.
Now ~ N .. is what Tsukurou.
This time, I should write an illustration or ·

Ah, video up to YouTube
Eliza irritated "" + PIE Pieta statue of "Today it 's this I ↓

Oh, the image is here ↓

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What can adults pure.

He birthday today.

Onee chan to us until last year at a family restaurant
I was even thinking I want to celebrate singing,
I think it ended up being this year it is or not fluoride ー · I feel that something like this as an adult.

And, the probe or a birthday or restaurant owners benefit from a good while.
What to eat at home Shippori Yappari ~ N · ·
It? · Oh Yoro~tsu remember, back in Have What has to do last year.

What did I suddenly thought, "What is probably red blood Nde" An Evening Oh · ·
Oh, 's while watching the chicken.
Is, I've checked on the net.
Datte of hemoglobin from red.

Ja is not red blood creature Why is?
Even octopus or squid What you look.
Object is called hemocyanin instead of hemoglobin
Blood seems to be dyed blue and blue from oxygen-containing.

Ha! Why ~Tsu What this all know that! ?
By transiently Well, What pure adult.

I just saw page was interesting though was the site for children ·
What I question is simple, such as those usually thought as a matter of course softening.

Speaking of children, yes, I'm much do you like graffiti from childhood.
'S is, To Pye ー "Now about, even if that year
What that guy has been around graffiti? What is said "...
Oh, Come to think of it might not.
Oh, not 's graffiti illustration.

Once this happens, even though the bar chan tail, will not keep writing the phosphorus months.

Oh, "Kids Gakken net" site for children's here I'll ↓

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Pushu~tsu, ~Tsu ~Tsu ーーーーーーー Pushupushu

Iya · ·
I have been thinking Monmon and softening,
Yo~o steam has gone out from the head.

ー ー ー probe U-Ah-
Behind would also update state because such ·

There is no sense like the meantime I think
"I am? What the heck" or what I want,
The impatient or the stomach after ~Tsu ー ー be why.

When such is unwillingly,
What I think and try not to think about anything · ·
They thought the contrary, ~ ~ くぅ useless.

Should I do that a lot of fun ー Ah! What I thought.
But think of What? "What fun."

~ ~ ~ くぅ

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Peka and paca

Recently, not specified or to daze the eyes while eating a meal,
I've been unleashed in various places and with notice.
I'm feeling or is good at softening What kind ~ Iya.

Today he went to a secret base in Yokohama Well neighborhood.

Fluoride, Fufu Fufufu · ·
My secret base, it Strandhotel ~ ~ Aroma Massage Ru~u Lulu.
Yo~o ~ Iya has been unleashed.

I must say even likely,
Whoops open pores lead Paca had been trapped
Really just like I came back I went to ~ ~ ~ deep shining Pekah Whoops.
Yo~o regained a bit of individuality thank you.

To boil up and bubbling vent creativity,
I do a little bit more ·

Oh, aroma Salon "marea" I went here today I'll ↓

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Wearing a duck to the earphone jack.

Once things have been looking at the net during this time,
Smartphone general store there in the page's
Had to bite involuntarily sells ornaments.

Now I was wearing a pink bumper white Apple iPhone,
I thought it was dull or not Na.

Plugy attached to the earphone jack on the guy called,
Color or duck or mushroom people there,
'S went to the loft of Yokohama want to see the real thing Suggoi.

Yo~o ~ Iya was full.
Unfortunately, the yellow duck because I wanted was not selling
I bought a pink duck, or I · · Fufufu E~e.

But convenient to buy on the net, I have never seen
~ I do not know If you do not actually see Yappari
But it was a mushroom and image Imahitotsu
If you mushrooms or even E~e I actually see ·
Get the duck but anyway.

To ー Pye but if you say that "Apologize to the Jobs" as usual,
It's replacement - it E~e He 'Women have become known Yappari care, fluoride.

Oh Oh, I get drunk from it yesterday in the voluminous
Cans of beer'm 35 now, not at all Yoe ·
Had to sleep while touching the chest hair of the dog Pied male elephant.

In the evenings after a long time Ruzutoku moth - to receive a call from a friend
Yo~o have become healthy bit.

It is easy to forget, but usually softening
I speak with friends, and the food is eaten,
I'm just happy that there is a place to sleep · ·

Little by little, go Yo~o doing what you want to do also.
Oh, also we can want to do, cent of this is thanks also.

~ But Iya, the words will not come out and talk a long time ·
Yappari is important to talk.

Oh, "duck Plugy Pink" 's it' s this earphone jack ↓

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Papa of Bakabon

Unfortunately today there is little,
At a convenience store on the way back from hospital earlier
I bought a beer and green soybeans and nuts.

He 'roll it' s Day ~ ~ U Uu ~Tsu drink from it!

Iya 's thought, and I give up or treatment.
A few more years, so she was hard to - if unspectacular Omoiokose · ·

Ah ~ today I do not want to think about anything.
I also do not walk their dog in the rain just, Joel might.

Is, stretched Omoikiri ~Yo ー ー and fine feathers of birds
If you want to quickly pop out from the cage.

Oh, the result is of course take obediently,
I thing there is to it meaning.
During this period I think it was necessary for me.

Anyway, try to enjoy the month of March Nora cat, the presence or absence.

To violent dogs, and always come back Oh yeah
What I thought how funny is softening,
'S look at me and licking the same ーーー Innovation.
The dogs are to be saved · · ~ Yo~o

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I started using Viber.

Yesterday, a smartphone can be recharged unmarked Tecnifibre Newsletter
What I'm getting mail was able to "hand-cranked radio with charging."
Along either or choice was also called unbranded · ·
Thumb seems to Imahitotsu Yappari comment but look.

Since radio was to listen to on your iPhone,
I was charging the mobile phone, the presence or absence Yappari.

· What I'm handy but Sumaho ~ Iya.
What for during this time, there was something,
He put me toll free app called "Viber" The Pye ー Ru.
Well apparently I did not know anything useful.

Is, as soon as that was able to use Viber,
People can use the Viber has been registered in the address book,
What I said is the message I was able to use me!
I received a message from the people of Osaka the next day to look at it,
The address book Well, shocked is displayed with a list of some of the people who have Viber.
N? ~Tsu What everyone is doing that much Did you mean this! ?

~ ~ Well I'm useful, variously.
But it still be unable to use ~ effectively ~ Iya.

It would be great if I could mail a little mobile talking to you until now,
Might not be parted with and once I was even thinking of Licensing, Permissions, Privacy Policy Price from it high.
I think I should also depend on whether or to say, the world's great ·

I always feel you're using to read the manual book is hate,
Do not Let's read a little book of the iPhone, but will anyway.
ー of study is much unwillingly, even though the number.

Oh, Viber is it 's this I ↓


Also images of elephants Pied male dog and paca ー incidentally ↓

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