Let ~ Wu Sakki, to change the mood
You want to cook dinner and make early,
To make a turnip slicers 千枚漬Ke
Should you cut Yusshusshu Tetara,
You's right, but also drunk!
I cut the bottom of the nail by nail and excellent sharpness Yupitto once again!

Indeed previous 横Tcho of a thumbnail, but this time the little finger
Fortunately this time I was not blood, Serve moment.
~ ~ Oh well I'm scared, slicers

Oh, Oh Yesterday Amazon's page,
I think he was watching the tears do I sell pop Utah during this period.
Click ぽ Tetara immediately locate and pop a bit ぽ Utah
Unawares, "Thank you" order page is sister
Did you order.

Well, I wish I from $ 1.00 cheaper than home centers,
If you have a bit careful and ぽ

I think recently, What a cautious and not do anything.
Select the word over and over not particularly care

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Worldly desires which disappeared

WW Did you update to update to Friday but I was going
The breakfast the day before I forget ~ Wu, memories, memories over A

Oh, I'm talking about 物欲 fuss came last week,
I am a gray hoodie and jeans Toka,
I'll go walk the dog in a similar shape Ittsumo.

However I have great neighbors and people dressed differently every day, and more.
I recently abandoned by women
It is looking at the net and I consider a little
I was to buy a coat for a walk mod washable at home.

Now before you buy 一応 見Setara The Pye Rerelease
"I dance like a large scan line in Qingdao," What.
Woo ~ Since then, the criminal court appears to Qingdao

Are in from there he went to the store in Yokohama.
~ Wu Qingdao court looks Yappari
And something that khaki suit,
After Chan's aunt something to try on beige
What I'm thinking chow What color suit casual wear strange, not over Shobo.

With missing 物欲 "I buy when on sale there," What,
The department has placed gently.

But whether that cold winter Yappari mods coat, down or better
If you wash at home ~ I hope Muu down.
Coz I'm down $ 40 and get to cleaning!
The good, wait until the sale.

Oh, Oh Friday, surprised to know that sitting in front of the train seat.
Whew ~ ♪ ~ What they really look fluoride phosphate room Kazu
Nantes they really look like each one usually cares
Uarigatougozaimasutsu sale!

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Goodbye Utapon.

Woo ~
Grumbling grumbling Banchou ~ ♪
Whew ~ ♪ ~ Banchou grumbling grumbling fluoride

Wu stop, this 物欲 Banchou.
~ Wu and out the other dark.
5:00 but I say
"I hope you quickly get ready for dinner," so I said to darkness.

Over over over winter Tsu stupid idiot!

I'll light up the summer at 7:00.

Yeah it does work and went 溜Me込N
But in your head round and round in circles this song
Woo ~ ~ ♪ grumbling grumbling Banchou

It's bad bad! The self-hanging or ーーー Tsu!
Pasutsu, Korokoro

Oh not know this person keep up with the flow
I'll be, probably.

Oh, this morning Oh yeah, Utah wants to pop!
We were torn away with various scatter the pink liquid.
Goodbye pop Utah.
Thanks for always warm.

Woo ~ grumbling grumbling

Welcome Tsu when there is work to do!
To be completely different, so you'll want to escape Earl, Yes.

Oh, but he bought a cup of water to drink while walking the dogs,
Sit or jump and I believe a female dog food Pietà
For now, I have a video up. I'm this ↓
+ Pieta Piezou of the day "to eat a cup of water Pieta"

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210 yen a bit of satisfaction

Now Yappari
I'd better do the makeup.

Toka will also walk the dog when you go to supermarket.
I feel abandoned and dangerous, especially his days.

~ ~ · · · Lac · U · I · Muu ~
And every day I dressed the same way,
~ Little girls and I thought 一応 or better.

In Yokohama, but he went to see it and think a little shoe,
What I think ~ cent afford or wait until the end sale.

Things will become Uitsukarakonnani 買Enaku window.
Impulse buy like that but he liked.
You, and I became an adult, fluoride.

Is at 40% OFF by the campaign was doing a Depository in Yuzawaya!
Well I Moarurashii excluded.
I thought I had to buy cloth from E or painting,
Came back full of people give up Suggoi.
What is it that only on weekdays and weekends I What a great man

After all,
Earl and I went shopping for home as usual.

In, or something you regret afford your stuff
I bought a 100 yen shop in the mall and felt.

Oh, speaking at the user's thumb stream
Maybe I'll have to live with the dogs.

In my face from 出Senai,
I felt I make masks Nantes Dekazu phosphorus, is not the.

Oh I also doubtful
The video seems a dangerous hydrofluoric.

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This week over each over rip ~ No! Tsu cent over sales over!

Friday Oh Well, I chatter cent getting lost twice.
The Well, a friend who worked in product design,
I went from I was doing an exhibition at the back of Harajuku.

Dust but went back to print addresses and maps ~ Wu
Gone in the opposite direction or what Anna

Known to be very different to us Sagawa asked to chan on the way,
A friend "lost" What is heard by contacting the road,
Listen to us on the Yamato-chan then
Chan over to us to ask again at the end Sagawa
We finally arrived at the exhibition, ~ Whew.
Hey It's nice to have a portable GPS capabilities What kind when

, And then the meeting had been meeting with women from Aoyama,
Did the mood I looked for a restaurant,
What I'm getting lost again!
The restaurant eventually ~ 探Sezu

Was near "Happy Hour! Drinks 290 yen until 7:05 o'clock!" Of
That he entered the shop signs are attracted to.

At 6:30 that's entered.
This is not only a drink! What can a beer anyway,
Then a glass of sparkling wine,
At 6:59! Oh, and hue in time! ? What can
Barely Safe another glass of sparkling wine.

Ha waving, it's less than half Datte reluctantly, What is great.
Well I enjoyed it ~

The exhibition Oh ~ Oh,
There is work to fit the shape and shine Tteiu Press
"Please try it please," I said from What to do.
The picture has taken the fun.

I'm this ↓
"My back view (clearly frustrated with something hanging up butt)."
http://twitter.com/?photo_id=1 #! / kazurin555/status/138433193111064577/photo/1

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Now this morning, without shoes 磨Kou cream you think
I wanted to go to buy, during Speaking
What was the Amazon Prime membership Rerelease Pye
Amazon Tetara remember watching you been
I had a shoe.

In order by pressing the button a bit ぽ
"We deliver for free today," What I came out.
Involuntarily, I ~ E ~ What? What Chatter said.

Sounds great ~ I there, but there is also the day of delivery What ASKUL.

~ Great teachers but not Google, is also amazing sister Amazon.
How far could not really come in handy over Well

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Out the sewing machine

Well I bought at Yuzawaya material,
Tsukurimashi standing bookcase curtains for the little bitty! I ~ I Kirarin!

Oh I enjoyed
Well finally a sewing machine from the closet 出Shimashi depend, waving.
I was always in the morning and update blogs ~
But he end up cleaning the house,
I stuffed the appointment yesterday.

The curtains are made ​​in the morning so today.
He also washed the dogs in the evening.

~ Not something a little rich.
~ There are what I make tomorrow, I had a job
Sold per cent over sales over Uchatchatoyaruzo ーーー Tsu!

Oh, the ice yesterday reward Hagen
I went to convenience stores to buy
I bought the balls to stand over Guguu Innovation.

But today is the birthday of the company senior
What to eat ice Hagen heard by everyone
Is off to buy something Puchitto threads of patience.

I'm a seasonal pumpkin pudding!
What Did I frankly expected more taste ~ I.
Pumpkin is a favorite, and a little pumpkin ~
I feel that would be better ~
Oh, but delicious natural flavor.

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Updating to Tiger would be fun to live with every day Yuzawaya

Have, your burnt-out dense, Yorotsu

The Well, today's customers come from the evening
You have to clean the house since morning,
~ Went to walk the dogs settled Sakki

've Done yourself well, for Haagen Dazs to reward
I'll buy ice cream, Yes.

A network's goin home run tomorrow ~!
~ U Tu · · stand it

Oh, Oh Yesterday was fun ~
Sometimes I meet friends Yappari value.

Friends ~ I, What I would meet to talk,
Hey 会Enai'm pretty quickly over time

In looking at the material on the prowl ~ Yuzawaya
~ What to eat dumplings delicious while flying over the juice Pyu
He went to buy souvenirs dumplings.

In a rush hour train home,
Did you see the dumplings are flipped back.
Jitto Tetara dumplings look upset, and
Four had been eating something to eat again

Crawl! Dangerous,
Hagen Yappari not stop ice hue

No, it does it, but this is not it, the fluoride.

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Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama

~ Well I caught yesterday was that I per cent, Ha.

The Well, Red Brick Warehouse until the weather was good
I went for a walk with his dog.

Then, surprised many by Porsche in the square alongside the event.
I want something I was doing an event
Tetara wandering somewhat better knowing,
You have about eight people toots your companion,
Did not determined by the camera pose in front of the boy!
We tried to shoot the dog in the back so you toots.

Pieta is a female dog finally turned around with the music ~ Well
~ E for example fluoride or ふ timing Nantomo

Oh yeah wrote on Saturday golf
"Clubs are not fit 思I切Ri hit a wave!" What
Chan of over to us 言I切Tta PRGR,
From What I Do What a Yappari,
Listen to the lesson and I now pro.

Well today over at The Dumpling Yuzawaya and women in the meeting.
Whew ~ ♪ ~ I enjoy waving

Ah, the YouTube video I'm up to it (it flows through the second half of the song) ↓
+ Today's Piezou Pieta "Red Brick in our Porsche toots"

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Beans could get

Update it for a long time on Saturday.
Oh, somehow it was not without some jars separately.

Unlimited tickets today for two hours out of a golf driving range
I've got to go to driving range.

How much more truly a burned-out hit ~ to 1 hour Tetara Well
In the middle of what he was doing I went 試打 meetings of PRGR.
The Committee will have a representative 試打 chan athlete in our system,
Be sure you go over your club only sold in anyway
What I normally hit the ball from what was said.

Then "there Desho ~ more swinging,
Please try shaking the plunge! "So Tteiu Mon,
The driver was advised, "I'm by Ryo-kun!" What
But I think I will not pretend.

Chan is near to us today, "More! No, more!" What
From further rather buzzing 振Ttara
"Look! It is a head speed of 47! Just shake it 思I切Ri
I hit a club is a club match? "What is said

Yeah, bad or zowie 振Rana humming,
What I thought while I was out mon recently 弱Tchii
Now you can chat Tetara pea shake hands on the bat back buzzing, No, no
The feeling was good but after a long time and sweat.

I just beat Nantes burnout in this sphere but hundreds
Sounds great What I pro.

Any kind of master A tough down the road

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Today's walk from the rain will be closed

Yesterday, walking to the back of the dogs
Once you catch a lift home and,
The first alone is not enough boys in early elementary school,
The dogs got to look for a moving cart
"Oh please stop · ~ ·! Over over over oh stop," What
You look scared, stop your hands! What came out in front to feel it.

There is no way to get off the elevator,

The mother was close to panic, "I do?" What is heard from the north
"Oh, please stop What is said," What say,
I go somewhere I did you pull the hands of children

Was a kick in the pants Suggoi
That boy, do I hate even as an adult
~ I will Enoni animals to the river.

Oh, What gyoza dumplings from noisy updating to Tiger two days ago,
What is an email from a friend I came with a delicious dumplings Kamata
He had to go out together next week.

I'm a long time Girl Talk, Ha.

Oh, de 111 111 today!

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Ate the dumplings

Dumplings commotion came yesterday ~ Well, by not eating, waving.
Abduction or any Yarinkode "dumplings! Dumpling" while saying What
I went to the king of the dumplings in the dark pedals.

I have to eat away from the dumpling,
Hey it is better to eat freshly made on the spot Yappari.
Ate nine pieces bought at Well 12 for two people.

The dumplings and beer ~ Desho Yappari
I did Innovation cent district.

What to eat normally but do not desire
Nantes want the dumplings like that.

Sateto full, I think that what today What Hayarou

Trying to do, unless this is done we accumulate more and more

Yeah but even
Ah ~ ~ ~ Woo sale

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Eat dumplings

Woo Woo Uuu over over over
Ate dumplings go! I over eat over Tsu cent.

But today, one's unconscious body to the influence of drugs
Blunt said the move, so no energy to make dumplings,
Eat it.

Janaku dumplings baked with convenience if possible
Oto one to ya tonight, no, no such energy.

General have the dumplings for about 10 minutes away by bicycle ~ Muu.
Kukatsu line!
I seem to lead out from the pores of the body at No

Ooh, I can ーーー dumplings Tsu

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TV drama

Doing a drama on Sunday night at 9:00, "Antarctica" and watching a
Or crying or nervous
Dalí quietly together watching Wow Wow noisy dog watching television dogs,
I'm watching you ~ Well unsettling drama.

Oh, and speaking it looked uncomfortable, "24",
I looked up to seven of the final season'm now finally.

Nowadays, I'm watching it for 24 feet in the bath with ginger powder,
Ginger is sore feet from power quickly over two hours.
Do I have first foot bath for two hours
But the family's poor circulation.

24 and was watching from far,
Did a TV drama for taking Tanmari crowded.
What is the recent drama, many doctors Hey Toka criminal.

Oh Chatter cares wrote.
Oh yeah always is is not is not.

Oh, the dogs bought at 100 yen shop during this

I was up for Christmas to YouTube Katyusha.


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"Yokohama Triennale"

Yokohama Museum, Yokohama Triennale was doing through Sunday,
While time has passed and thoughts go go,
Became the end of the last day yesterday.

What is contemporary art · ~ · I, I ~ I difficult

For example, walking the corridors of the hotel Tetara
"This is not over so be sure walk away is the work," What

The staff person said, I? How much? ? I saw and
The corridor was apparently "white wall" likely.
~ Do not have much white walls and walls of the museum wanted.

I do not I have to try to understand more
Well then it's art, then I would probably not have to be understood,
Whether it is a contemporary art
Not among the family.

Oh, doing exhibition later this month to 23 "of the Ken Domon old temple pilgrimage," said
Until December 25, "Toulouse Lautrec exhibition" Innovation over equalization.

Oh, go to the planetarium.

~ · · Wu and desire Oh Futsufutsu

~ Ah was doing at the National Science Museum
"Dinosaur Expo," I wanted (a distant second).

Chatter The Yokohama Triennale in the last minute even after all this time,
Hey did better tea and chat to plan anything.

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Rose Bath

Golf said yesterday, after the round enters the bath,
~ Now I'm amazed by full of roses floating in the tub.

Who entered the bath, was interesting and surprised everyone.

~ Well I hope, Nantes cent for the first time I entered rose bath.
Did you sniff sniff 思I切Ri Did the scent of roses floating sound of smth. Floating.
The fluoride was unexpectedly elegant bath time off.

~ Think it Muu, What's nice surprise in a positive way.

During this time, but he bought a steel rack in a large net
In the teeny box of about 20cm received a courier package sent you

Oh no! Order 間違Etakatsu Did you mean? ? What thoughts while opening the box,
Place cups and rubber mallet for assembly and parts not requested
Did it contain the hook.
What Did enter the amount from 0 After reviewing the document
Apparently Kuretarashii and services.

I think you miss 焦Tta ~ Well ordered moment,
I'm surprised in a positive way as well.

Shop is free shipping over $ 5,000,
I received it two times not coming with luggage rack after all a different courier,
Their money to the shop and I would have worried about Nantes.
What a guy I do small profits and quick returns

What I thought something good flow but before this
I have over recent thing over chicha, each flow may be good.

Oh, and if it did, teasing neat and clean! ?
Innovation Yappari around water is so clean now and then ~ Muu.

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Goods bought for Christmas Costumes

Tsu dense sweets Us
Over over something sweet! ! ! What is it about to eat something sweet,
I wanted to buy a Haagen-Dazs ice cream and luxury.

At 99 yen before it went to the shop,
Also just discovered by the dogs cosplay goodies!

Oh, I was during this time for Halloween I'm for Christmas, waving.
Even though clothes and dog did not have
I just Tsuiteru headband ornaments.

Once you figure I imagine that with a decorative headband with dogs ~ Well,
~ ~ To laugh laugh.
I do not shop much in dangerous goods Cosplay others saw
Did laugh while looking at the product.

At about 300 yen for Haagen-Dazs ice
I bought three Katyusha and put the ice.
Innovation used to shoot up on YouTube.

Fluoride, Ha Ha ふ ふ

Oh, de holiday tomorrow! Whew ~ ♪ fluoride

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I noticed he looked a pack date of super side dish Well,
I'm 11 111 today! Oh well.

Oh, there are tickets for the Yokohama Triennale in Yokohama Museum of doing,
Family until November'm doing yet, I have not
Tetara time was up on Sunday to relax!

Dangerous dangerous, and you go tomorrow or Friday.
I'm often on the last day I did not go in a hurry

Oh yeah Yesterday is over hanging over the original A Futsufutsu absolute! What is
I put a clean cry earnestly.
In the evening, an email from burnout Tetara Rerelease Pye
But someone something he Koramurashii,
It does not just have Datte struggle over Cho Innovation day
Iirashii 1 per cent.

If today 100 yesterday 101%
After one year 365 = 37.7834343 1.01 What would it just be about 37 times.

Nantes cent yesterday I'll clean chatter about 400%.
In today can not be burned is clean fluoride.

Yeah, I will diligently every boy

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