Self-proclaimed cook.

Burizado♪ blizzard♪

I opened the curtain of snow this morning Byubyu
· Oh dear this song had catchy.

Eggs this morning tried to sand Oh yeah.
I did find a recipe that can be very easy.
I also found it can easily be just chocolate truffle ·

Was said to make ~ U!
I s this snow I want to go to buy materials,

It is called "making things" Sa recent softening,
(In that I will be quite distorted) in the form of distorted
I feel that coming out of the food-to-

: How about trying to くぅ, if you can leave it cooking in the house this study.
I do not even I, do not do not.
I no longer saw it 's not too troublesome, yes, it will issue a cutting board.

He 'did last night also made mashed potatoes!
Then more easily it is an easy recipe,
Small cut in the range of potatoes, peeled and
~ ~Ya Milk and crush the chin about 5 minutes, publisher shut down the salt,
Ready if you mix crushed.

Ah, tomorrow am going to write about Viber · ·

How to make egg I'll sand it here ↓

Oh, how to make mashed potatoes is here ↓

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Or flashlight, radio, mobile phone or unwillingly No charge first?

Recently, a flashlight and portable radio with charging function
But I'm looking on the net,
She said she does not quite ~ N this.

Can I thought I was wind-up type
Just one minute of mobile calls rotate 10 minutes.

Hand-operated lever and Reviews view
· What has become broken or damaged or has been
Na I'm from hand-cranked battery Yappari
Almost there, iPhone is that it can not be charged Moreover.

Why not get greedy with this because even if no ~ ~U.
Hey come to think of it in the flashlight and radio and mobile charger
What had better considered separately.

I guess I should go to the store to see Yappari ー ~U system.

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Freshly-baked bread

Wrap or Saran Wrap Yappari Na · N

He 'Did you make the bread in the home bakery right! Kirarin ~Tsu!
The smell of bread in the room was filled with hot from the oven when it is time.
Pieta gluttonous female dog is that delicious smell
Tarashii excited excrement excrement in the crate.
Over time - Iya Yo~o was delicious, Ah, but
Into the eye was painful and tear the bread when it Pashi~tsu firmly around a bit.
I baked a good demo.

Can make your own thing as much as possible from now ~ Let's make or N is Na · ·
Will you Na, Hey I like this word comes out of my mouth.
S recently, I have seen or Uchigohan corner of Morino's eight bear wants to know.

Speaking of TV Oh, I watched the matrix that can happen yesterday Law Center,
Public Suppin of human beauty is said to be a witch! From say,
From trying to look much trouble because I thought about entering the bath
He 'came out at the end of the program I eventually thought I was watching Tsuitsui!
It does not change at all if you were cosmetic addition.

~ ~ · · くぅ ~A been hit
I wish I had a bath soon.

What a great program I recently pulled Ne
The audience to take what can not be helped, well, I hope ー

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Up attention

Home Bakery is jitter we have it! ~Tsu Puff!
But I read the instruction manual I will go to buy the ingredients,
Bakkari not be bought until now ~ N.

For example bread flour and dry yeast and I do not know but anyway
I bought the skim milk.
Do not let the challenge of the weekend.

During this day Oh, and was up a blog Oh graffiti unstable
What "It is nice and say!" Peace "when unstable"
I did received comments.

I'm fine I'm going to read the comments,
· What I wonder while I wonder what "Heisei" Why
What was seen shouting three times "! ~Tsu ~Tsu Heisei! ~Tsu Heisei! ~Tsu Heisei" towards the window.
What are the dogs? "Oo was everything," cried suddenly from
Was funny to face with a horrified look.

Oh, talk back, to the reply of the comments shouted What! "~Tsu" Heisei.
What I write, there is also comment What! "It is peace without Heisei 's" ...
You saw, I'll look at it wrong.

LOL ~ ~ Iya involuntarily toward the PC.
- What 's the face "! Oo Oo" their dog and also
Of course say it 's re! "~Tsu ~Tsu Peace."

Softening, may often mistaken Is there something you are also going to have look at them carefully.
~ But Iya was funny.
What this Ah, Ma-Do not laugh and not himself, and the family.

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Wearing the skin of adult children.

Iya · ·
Yo~o to the chest hair of the dog male elephant Pied be healed · ·
'S face was buried in the chest this morning.

Oh, I went to Tokyu Hands During this time Oh yeah, because I went to Yokohama.
If you are looking for because I expect a glittering ball-point pen as usual fluffy,
Not selling ballpoint pen only serious Hands Yappari also.

What I have missed the sense of ~ · · N,
What are the wrong shop or go ·

But before that I had seen the goods are laughing more,
What I need What has not been kind or frill.

It is doing well Zutto OFF 30% ~ 40% favorite Yuzawaya,
During this time the card and the sale of What Guidance from Barneys
I'm getting a phone call.
I do not sell it, probably I had to do business by phone ·
It is a translation it is also a store that sold the demo.

But as usual - Iya eternal challenge
When recently ー Pye, sell what I do,
Why not sell things why, what is needed is something,
Service is required, and brand or color, we gonna talk.

It is the same thing those companies dealing with design store merchandise but also different hospitals,
What business that you are dealing with people I was with him.

~ · · ~U-Free before I have been moving in only a sense of wild, I think those colors,
Fluoride - Hey Did I grow up a little.

Oh, there Could it be better for the children went to the stationery department!
When I went to IKEA before you mention it,
I was most excited about Kid's Corner.

Hey come to think of it ·
Does that mean ~Tsu children wearing the skin of the adult? !

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Graffiti unstable

~ ~ ~ Nu Nu unexpected unexpected unexpected unexpected unexpected unexpected
Unexpected unexpected unexpected unexpected unexpected Nu ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Nu

~Tsu Ta~a ー!
ーーー ~Tsu ~A person! !

M - my Nu Nu unexpected unexpected unexpected unexpected unexpected ~ ~!

Ah ah ~Tsu ーーーー! !

Help · Ru purpuric Purupu

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Ballpoint Glitter fluffy

I noticed just now, next week is March Hey'm already.

During this time Oh, and the flag of the United States in the grocery store
Statue of Liberty met and that the stick ballpoint pen,
I googled but did you put up and was anxious.
Yesterday I had to put up with pansy of a circle 98 at home centers.

Other than the sale is closed the box 's because of greed,
Although Pye Ru ー yesterday that what sense the bubbling
What I hope to use for your own 10,000 yen, ~ gave
Fu~u hot ~ ♪ ~ ~ ♪ ~ ♪ Fu~u fluoride Fu~u ~Tsu Hyannis
I danced ~ Iya.

I am glad Suggoi ~ Sa usually not income,
Or What shall we buy · · ¥ 10,000 stationery
Excited just thinking about 's What to Buy.

But why is love shoes and bag
Do not think I'm going to buy and not a sale.

It is, and threw it to Yokohama clutching 10,000 yen.
Not only serious but he made a beeline for the ball-point pen stationery department LOFT · ·
I had imagined, or interesting or fluffy or sparkly
There are no ballpoint pen tickle the heart.

Which is OFF 50% of socks I went to Muji without buying anything,
800 yen it bought two.
Or more.

I saw those colors, this is what you need? Or,
I have thought it too good-or-
I Sonano, ー 's buy things without

And go to the store I will buy emergency
~ I'm not buying or unexpectedly

I 's,' s important to keep.

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Become more and more convenient.

IPhone finally crept Yo~o protective sheet while ago ·
Now, the tension, because it fails before Iya Suggoi
It took about 15 minutes.
~Tsu Fish paste, smoked in finished! N ~ Ryi ~Tsu Kira!

Is, and then to trigger the iPhone mail to Gmail
To take or receive any e-mail on mobile came to PC,
A variety of challenges he and the schedule or use of Google.
It can be seen if other people also registered schedule of non-~U,
Hey cool, very useful-
Kurushi mail to 10 minutes before the scheduled time that you enter in the schedule.

Oh, when I received an email in Gmail Oh yeah,
'd Like to see a sound like "♪ Pilon" like so far
Did I think I find it is called "Gmail Notifier".
Is, - the sound began to become when it receives Once you have downloaded

Icon of schedule and be Once you have downloaded it,
Scheduled during the time it is a red flag stand is interesting.

Cervine, like this is what I've set it in the middle of frustration ·

Ru ー teacher Pye, thank you.
Dr. Google, is indeed.

Oh, I did up fish cake in commemoration.
"Barrel" is here ↓

"Gmail Notifier" rest here ↓

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Washing machine, washing machine trouble and I do not always thank you.

Washing machine - Iya, in the bottom of the washing machine drains Yappari
I was clogged hair seems to have been the cause.
I can not clean it drains is so often But ...

Impossible, I was a heavy ~Tsu attempting to move in just one person!
And when you look great wash the laundry into the net anyway,
Net in the form of a big dango Suggoi
There was an enormous sound when the dehydration Gongon turned round and round.
Yo~o was good but from now Well washable.

Sa today Oh, and when lined up at the counter of JR Green
Suggoi alcohol smell with a number of paper bags were the ear
Chan came next to Ozzie dubious, while looking in my direction
ー 's talk to him and grumbling
Had ignored afraid I do not sorry · ·

Is, yesterday When I was walking down the street a bag of super,
Chan is the uncle of the construction site along the road
? "Do you come back super! Super Oh is it? Dai Where is" What was heard.
At this time, he taught 's smiling sweetly.

Why did her standing should also smile Ozzie ~U free, odor-salmon
No, But ...

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"Churuchuru soy sauce" official name

"Well Copco Puyo" wrote yesterday,
I heard say "Churuchuru soy sauce" is the official name,
Was saying, but happily Ru ー Pye.

When I heard it first, once again ~ You must be kidding
'S I thought I made ​​it with neta.
Likely to come up with a search for "soy sauce Churuchuru" demo.

'S still going on even after the update yesterday Oh yeah Oh,
Oni-chan cheap when it came from
Sir trying to jump out the front door is Pieta breakout female dog-
Oh, I was good because he caught the last minute by grabbing the tail ranked destination 2m,
I was running around in his jersey Yo~o the hallway of the apartment nearly · ·

If you see a washing machine, what also ~ cent, de-
At last, and ~ ~ ~ Oh and
He 'water did you spill water from the pan! · Shobon

Hair, through the drum surely not just outside
What I have accumulated in the hose-

Impossible because not out of the reach, you may call the manufacturer's consultation
He had to get to come in tomorrow morning.
How much does it cost pounding Na.

I 's how to deal with future hair of the dogs if the cause if ~ N.
- To mean that I do not go bald dog us · No way
Why do you only have to put the laundry or laundry net for big Suggoi of futon.

Dreadful, hair · ·

Given so, it is accumulated in the outlet of the dogs hair Powapowa
I massaged it when you hear the very phenomenon that I · tracking.

· Yappari cleaning is more important

Oh, disorder of the room is disorder of the heart.

~ ♪ ♪ Puyo 's cleaning cleaning cleaning ♪

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Bad timing

Sa morning, I've been washed.
Is, from the sound of water jar 's leave is over rinse Innovation
If you look at the bottom of the washing machine to what I, therefore rinse water!
He 's surprised I have been the height of the pan until the last minute waterproof!
~Tsu Filled with water level of about 5mm long after!

But I can not see the dark under the washing machine ~ N is small then,
Na hair of dogs that may have clogged · ·
It was a hairy surprise also under the refrigerator before.

~ Today is a festival and a large laundry work, and all the rest くぅ
I did do that big pile was crowded.

By washing it in this situation · What is too scary, but
To near the bottom of the washing machine drains go to the hardware store from morning
Of hose tool for finish feeding the pipe, funnel and
Temporarily move the wand on the hose of a washing machine and a fine fellow,
(Guy or move a kerosene Copco Puyo) Puyo Copco with it just to be sure
'S have been bought.

After lunch at home,
I have heard today is going to rain in the evening
Go to walk their dog after lunch,

Just finish doing the pipe back
Gingerly moving the washing machine, after the end of the rinsing
When I try to check the hose for leaks with a flashlight,
Can not verify the leak came ASKUL uncle of Cho-ーーーー etc.
5:30 again.

After all, today I could only ~ くぅ · 2 rotation to washing until the evening

I trying to place a brown seaweed addition to ramen for lunch
I opened the bag of dried seaweed, Pan~tsu! What
It'll fly around to various places ー full seaweed · ·
Smoke had spread when moisture in various places just to see.

~ ~ ~ Oh Geez
ー ー I calm down - calm down ~A ·

ー ー Do Do Dodo Dododo

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Let's change the prime salt.

Physical condition - Iya Yo~o came back little by little.
I went into medicine because tentatively various popular demonstration.
Neither influenza there have been no Noro-

The drip I did not know what might be causing your problem after all,
Became a little easier when you go back home and put a poultice around the stomach and neck after.

I have recently weakened ~ N · ·

But not salt, salt.

He 'it' s salt ~ U!

· Today in this neighborhood

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Fish paste and ill-health

Yesterday, to see the guy's bumper iPhone
I went to the Apple Store.

To strap on the cover of the sparkling pink really Powapowa
I was even thinking trying to, from the bag in the train
I sent out iPhone, sparkling pink is Yappari
Is it nervous for a moment.

To ー And Pye is
"What it's such sparkling Powapowa Dano,! Apologize to Jobs" What
It is said to be ·
Is, I've decided to bumper 's pink or white of Apple after all.

Apple store clerk was friendly as usual I Iya.
Pink collapses seem to laugh when you say to white fish paste
"I only · does not look the other barrel" Oh have you say.
I bought the pink after all, fluoride.

~ By the way
I'll be the absolute physical condition from this morning's slump.
Pot is not feeling bad hair from up in the morning.

Or interactively what the problem is U · ·
With dinner before or since the drug was changed from yesterday, take medicine
What did sting from the sake,
Oyster or ate at the dinner of the day before yesterday ·

But now when 3, Yo~o came to be finally happening.
Because my face had been weak from the morning, a male elephant dog Pied worried.
If you are thinking of going for a walk dressed our dog just
· In what comes to words, only port also ー ·

You thought unusual indeed even the dogs were making noise,
Had been the scene while in the toilet.

And I do not stand upright - Iya is finally,
I feel it is dangerous because the waist was sleeping, it's filtered face match.

But we were finished for the dog from sleeping next to Pupu,
What today is that the mission is complete again.

I still do not appetite, maybe I should become a little beside.

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Often made ​​without knowing the end.

Since I bought the pork at a supermarket,
Tonight was to try to source kit champignon pork saute.
'S also made mashed potatoes.

For some reason, but do not know how to make when you buy anything
Is the word "champignon source"
I made away from the head did not imagine.

I bought pork and say,
Since Sa is say "I baked ginger ~ Ah," always.
He 'it' s child - U can do it!
Fluoride, was good ~

Oh, and I think he going to buy a case of iPhone,
What I say is genuine Apple Yappari · ·

But I thought it would try to iPhone so white pink white,
Seems if you say "fish paste" and Pink's.

I - Well, certainly appear.
Since it looks to Kamaboko ·
Such softening is not interesting but pretty white to white.

Powapowa strap is attached Yappari
Would you like to sparkling pink · ·
Innovation will go to see tomorrow.

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Aim, a young lady in the Now.

Fufufu, it'll debut it 's iPhone late-blooming dandelion!
Kira does ~ Ryi.

Oh, 's No, acquaintance bought
Say do not use the iPhone because the SIM-free,
I try to see with much trouble because ·
Oh, it 's so DoCoMo.

No way, no way but setting it myself! I do not really understand.
I'll ー Pye - Iya's various Ru.

· But what ~Tsu literate! ?
No, I will aim should be noted Young, Now Ne-chan, fluoride.

Oh yeah ~ Oh, of phosphorus without a male dog or try to piezo
The guy widgets for Twitter,
I've been to appear in the top page and profile pages of the room not available phosphorus.

Safari of my mac I have to see enough,
he did not look at all of IE win · ·

Is, the character code seems to have been cause I looked on the net.
"Shift_JIS" code of the character of phosphorus room without this lesson.
Is, toward the character code of the Twitter widget
~ Was resolved Put a "charset =" utf-8 "".

I did not have to worry about not because I do not see my work,
Or is it better to check Yappari · ·

Room "without phosphorus or" started from 2005 to ~U-free
What I try to renewal.
~Tsu Not really in reverse ~ N · · What has not changed until now! ? Mother.

But Iya ~, ~ ~ the world of web is too early!
You'll get short of breath.

Offended, and do not aim ~Tsu Young noted in Ne-chan unwillingly Now!

Oh, had written to Friday Oh yeah, OK Reviews of Cafe Graffiti exhibition of phosphorus without mosquitoes,
I am glad Suggoi Sa, on Friday immediately softening
To the manager of Cafe Flower clutching a calendar not available phosphorus
He 's gone to greet!

It was a very easy to talk to store manager from ~ Iya,
Had spoken in the state of the neighborhood with my aunt.
If you heard about the exhibition will say "- so please put more and more to do" ...
Softening 's, I'm glad I get to know What.
Fufufu fluoride · · Innovation - Consider the various planning ·

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Fill in the face to the chest hair of elephant Pillet, soothe the mind.

Whoops Whoops ー ~Tsu Oo I will!
Killearn ~Tsu! N ー ~Tsu ~A fit one too! !
Fluoride, Fufu Fufufu · ·

During this time - are you yelling from Iya,
Get some of Kaz to the cafe to exhibit the phosphorus,
After you call the store manager says, and the address of the "room of phosphorus or not this"
After several e-mail with an attached illustration,
Kirarin ~Tsu ~ Thank reply exhibition OK!
What hits the pot!

'S No, To Pye is ー
"Are you a sense of, .. Ja ~Tsu flying from that on my right oblique" What
I was told, the exhibition What I what unreasonable Yappari
I was excited, was good-hot-.

Ah, but since he seems to have three or June the exhibition period,
March first it impossible in relation to treatment.
I did not feel sorry in a snap decision - N · ·
I did not know you might get ear-demonstration
Around March I think you can find exhibits, probably around the time the kit.

But ~Tsu! Individuality that I began to glimpse the face after a long time.
Osaekon reason in themselves to have the treatment, for many years,
Somehow trying to jump out from the gap of the box was locked up
I mean do you say ·
The shop is not anyway to avoid causing trouble.

Before looking at the e-mail last night that exhibits OK Oh, and
He had a voice a little rough after a long gain.

In particular, I feel that to many people are irritated with recent softening · ·
Feel out the nail away from the ball all meat.

What you did yesterday - ~U thought-free, and I said, thinking of the opponent,
Is massaged were told to quit ·
With, had spat Tsuitsui Cho Innovation.

It is very difficult words, Ne-
Was a different feeling also how to receive.

Something, yes, it might be better to have diverged in motion.
Or shout at a person or karaoke · ·
I think trying to spread the weekend anyway.

Oh yeah yesterday was up on YouTube "walk winds",
But it has been up images of elephants ass Pied male dog,
To ー Pye "We've only have been seen by people all over the world! I Kaero of elephant anal Pie"
· What did I say

I see your ass and be healed Suggoi windblown Elephant Pie · · · I

I think people that have seen up to YouTube and,
Not come out only three candidates for an image to be displayed What if,
Are not the image I choose only from among them.
Oh, maybe I do not maybe there is a trick.

When the image came out so that is
"This ~Tsu! He 'it' s miraculous shot! Put this" Hey!
I was set to the image without hesitation.

· Oh somehow talking today

I grow myself and being alone in the house,
He 'become known grumbling want to say something!

Well but, either because good health and even if you fight as irritated · ·

Oh, "walk winds" image of Pierre 's it' s an example of this elephant ↓

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Straightforward or honest or not.

Now you want to burn the fish,
What is the last time I forgot to wash pull the grill
Amazing write up there? What is said about
The reaction I'm gonna Suggoi

I wanted to buy a fish in a microwave oven baking dish,
Pye is baked Rerelease Michelin 欲Shiirashii fine.

Hey do not give a time and taste somewhat shall Yappari.

Speaking Oh, What a friend made ​​a homemade miso
Did I use up a blog, Hey ~ Well great.

Well, I have not filled What can make sure if you want to make.
But it wanted to make a miso never once each.
Baked potato salad old Toka dumplings made ​​sushi is what I thought Datte buy.

If you no longer have the issue on board ~ Muu troublesome,
Maybe I'll try what I have

No, transfer, wait ~ · · 待Tee
I knew I would in themselves but also 追I込N.

For now, be adhered to yield priority to do now.

When any such ~ What Now, why the low priority
I'm gonna Yaritaku first.

· ~ · Do not straightforward Tteiu
Huh No, the opposite hue? I Tsu? ?

Well family.
What can be more honest when you want what you want done.

Oh, the dogs of the latest videos Oh
I he trickles up on YouTube.
↓ Koch videos up there, I get sound.

~ But I still cares and up

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Little one

Today he did diligently care that morning.
Impatient, drudge drudge
Hey but I Attoiu間 toward the computer and infatuated.

When I do something I remember I contacted my teeth but it's up and down,
Apparently normal teeth Tsukanairashii was doing on TV.
~ What is also not the cause of shoulder.

TCH Tteiu it out of habit, sticking to your teeth and move unconsciously
What becomes worse in TMD and leave the jaw and head muscles move
Speaking before ~ Muu, I went to move your jaw hurts manipulative.
Oh, people have a habit Datte have traces of the teeth and tongue around.

I leave it to work and sit ~ · · Muu, without stretching.

Oh, you call it in-store cafe with a gallery of before written.
~ Well tense
I sat down and over the phone Tetara Better posture Yaki Oh, you
Face between the legs out from Piezouga male dog "hug hug hug ~" What
Come to urge
The climb to Koyou Tetara ignored.

But rather what are you talking about important
Well, I do not know the dog waving ~

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