Uu Uu Uu

Uu Uu Uu over over
Do something only I hurry

It's no rush but no,
Yarrow by a little now, Yes.

Oh, I do so from many junk food recently,
Today's lunch is usually rice and miso soup and side dishes
By day it was cooked from Tsu Suggoi eat!

Woo this
Nantes will be from day to cook!
Boil the pumpkin, potato salad and miso soup is made ​​Pirato bacteria.

Now something, "food" per cent again I began to think What's important is.

Muu over
Did I eat properly mon Suggoi time even when students are working well

Food is important, Yes.

And McDonald's expiration date to date while I
Ate the burgers had a free ticket, waving.

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Shop for Dog OK "Cafe Flower" and "Lotus Yokohama"

The Monday and

Oh, OK Dog Cafe restaurant on Friday Did writing "caféFLOWER" I went to.
In the interior of the café in the gallery is another secret ambition
That you want to convey the Pye Rerelease not exhibit either shear
"~ Dahlonega fit the atmosphere of the shop" and the word.
"Look at the atmosphere you see Well do it anyway.
Suddenly "phosphorus number" What 飾Renai Dahlonega show shock when refused,
Each will not go to the store again and being downhearted, "and the.

~ Well I, I over its
What can I do.

~ Well I'm not I like the atmosphere Jareta her.
Well, since the amount is less food cafe
I may men were unsatisfactory.

But was surprised, or even from a dog into the store,
The audience are not over look dog-friendly.

In person because everyone was so busy the shop
"I can come to yet another opportunity for the Gallery"
Said he left the shop.

And then, OK shop dog care is much Did
"Lotus Yokohama" It went well.

Ate a scone ~ but about eating lunch, waving.
And dog-friendly and everyone here.
Oh, it was up to the Yokohama Lotus YouTube.
Shake It Well ~ Nantes but no video's.

Sateto, watts over what today we'll wash your dog!
Whoops Tsu sold over!

Uploaded on YouTube "Lotus" Yokohama is a Koch ↓

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For a long time Futsufutsu

Weekend, he was like to go shop.

OK I'm dog-store cafe near Yamashita Park, waving.
Moarurashii gallery space free.

I do not have them on display or shear
Oh, if you fit the shop What is the atmosphere may be prohibited.
I'm a shop Jareta · ~ · I can.
For now, I try to make it work somehow wind this graffiti for the presentation

Now graffiti, but I write big
That will expand the graffiti so teeny.
Then thicker lines
You, you try to make it anyway ~

Hmm over Mumuu
Cleaning the house than you should, nay, the dogs do 洗Ubeki
No, I registered with the site Kasegubeki coins write material illustration than

Yoshitsu! Illustrations make the brackets work?

Tsu Tsu Tsu interrupted over over!

Tsu Tsu Tsu Tsu Tsu ーーー Dark! !

Oh, I want to go shop "caféFLOWER" I'm not here ↓

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Reclaim its sense of the wild!

During this time, dear friend Suggoi
But he's your friend came FaceBook,
His seal it? A decade ago?
(Oh this is the course of time what I, too fast.
Well and good, talk back) left the company to
What story did not matter at all want to be pastry Did I ask for.

In Tetara What I want you doing what you think of it,
Tarashii apparently opened a cafe in Aoyama.

The pastry was not even as if
But to open up shop Did Nantes, ~ Well surprise.

At the time, why want to be a pastry? When you heard
"When eating sweets is all smiles Desho be, so" What.

Something amazing I ~ I

When choosing a job that I
Until now always "want to do yourself," was the basis of Tteiu.
Muu ~ sold "to someone," What great

Oh, not frozen Janaku compared to what someone
I just thought it obediently.

Car Muu life ~

Oh, I of I in? They also think.
~ Wu Tsu reclaim its sense of the wild!

Oh, I talk change, What if I Bakery
Freshly baked bread is delicious but I was interested in using.
What I gonna gradually Yaranaku

Muu ~

I of I of Tsu Oh!
I journalistic Ikatsu something new to do it that!

Muu ~ · ·

I's not a

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Flightless Birds

Yesterday was not renewed by facing your knees.

Recently, I say that the treatment of suffering in recent years,
What can I do own, are you not know something Chattisgarh.

I say details are,
What can not be managed from if their efforts are Well
I think he deserve.

If you feel ill drink the medicine, mind and come hard.
But whether or not to continue whatever the results yourself,
What do I do that just yet to really have a choice.

What woman, What I do not not work hard just like the male body,
First thought is as at home.

Before starting treatment all the way, you work late at night and while Iratsu,
Doing things back home, irregular meals, and prefer working poor physical condition but
In result, this happens.

You's right, Reap it.

Is over its over, you bitches.

Oh, feathers of birds than yesterday but I stretch.

In doing this and I Yamaguchi and Yamaguchi,
I think some people but a much more difficult, Tsu my sweet piss easy!
What you blame yourself, or Ijike might lead to positive,
~ Well being downhearted or unstable.

I Was always running wild hunch Hmm,
Right now, the intuition that Suggoi slowed,
Bakkari was weak but we can think.

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To do, yourself! ?

Well yesterday, I was swept in the microwave shiny.
In the range 温Metara leftover fried squid followed
The buzz about their dogs, "Ban Tsu" What surprised by the explosion.
You's right, was splattered by the squid in the range by breaking the lap!

Shobo not over
Woo ~ even after much trouble to clean.

Something, to God, "You're still training Tallinn, nice and clean!
Tsu dig, dig dig "I feel that I per cent What is said.

And evening, from Pye Rerelease "I could come home tonight customers," What is said,
Puchittona switch to that word.
I'm biting the nose along with cleaning.

Oh I do Yappari cleaning woman
Oh, but he says customers will eventually come.
Well, the family was clean.

Oh Oh I mentioned yesterday, I'm Enoki miso soup
Everyone will come out drinking.

What if I am Oh, and try various 遊Banakya more! What I thought why.
Action force is lost with age, something being downhearted
Dangerous dangerous.

Unless this is done and what you want.

Thank you, Enoki miso soup.

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Miso soup experiment

Cent under the nose It's too sore nose bite ~ Wu.
Koyou to buy celebrities nasal tissue.

Perhaps because the cold yet healed,
What good did not think this morning I love drinking coffee
What I usually drink green tea drink somehow.

Tetara watching TV yesterday, green tea has the flu
What'll you been prevented.
What changed things a drink in Nantes at that time Hey great physical condition.

I talk about changing funeral,
A recent favorite is the soup fixings "Enoki" It's a.
I put it in half or cut into three equal parts,
Delicious drink when he first stayed in a friend's house before.
Well, I have again and again in "Enoki" What did not even think of
"Oh no! Off to?" What was something great.

What equipment of soup, and I'm routinely make their own chow
Maybe I'll put you experiment with different colors are due to brain activation.

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Speaking of which, since time would.

Evening ~ Year
Oh, sorry man in the diet.

Yesterday evening went to the Department of Otolaryngology, New Year's party in the evening
What I hear I'd better not drink alcohol,
Teacher "to drink from the same little full of drink,
Which is how I do not drink or drink. But I hope to drink
Maybe worse, "What is said
He had been drinking and eventually you can drink.
Oh, I'm still in moderation.

In the way back the train safely over the New Year's party,
I leave this jar dangerous and deteriorating gradually feeling faint
Jiyugaoka stopover station.

Mark and the toilet did you find? Think
曲Gattara the corner, toilet therefore still farther toward the mark!

Oh, I'm dead, I can station attendant's sorry!
Bali smoked over ~ Woo!
Utsu Yorotsu us

, And from there arrived safely back home by taxi.
Become a taxi to get off but also feels dangerous,
A smoke over it 再Biri over the toilet at home? !

Whew ~

It's tottering complexion and bad Suggoi cent.
思Ttarashiku be something wrong with the dogs,
Lack of response and even more than licking licking
The motion was watching Jitto to be blunt.

This morning was no appetite, or that I guess to the weak from yesterday,
Makurushi Pieta and naughty bitch and just where each
~ Well at all

~ Per cent this year we will have various Uuu

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It is also cold.

I'm also cold Piki ~ Ku Tsu.
Like many times before Well, I left it cured
Otolaryngology and tough go from worse.

I do a weakened immune Woo ~
What kind when, strawberries Toka Toka Toka mandarin green tea
Eat the little ones to eat normally.
I do have a Star of vitamin C,
Hey do not eat much better when eaten cold Tsu Piki.

Well tonight is New Year's party of fellow golfer.
Now go to the bathroom during this time, not from the barium
I'm playing golf with Dotakyan.
And also bad to cancel

I go for a walk with their dog Sateto.
Recently Oh, alludes itchy but also between the cold paw.
I use the left paw licking helm helm Pieta bitch
He washed with medicated shampoo but after yesterday's walk,
Did you shampoo your right paw the confusion.

And therefore I left foreleg and right hind leg porridge a male dog Piezouha
Wu, confusing.
Today I'll have left paw shampoo mistakes.

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I bought the first dog clothes

It is Monday cent of
But my throat hurts a little something faintly in 鼻Tare Muu ~ Sold
Piki hue Tsu cold again No! ?

~ Wu Tsu over or lose!
Oh, Did you mean
Lunch on the terrace and then walk the dogs from the weekend weather was good,
The first and last of the good I Did Purupuru shivering with cold,
To make fun of golf on Sunday
Did I hang around outside the lot
Wu grumbling tonight trying to get a healthy diet.
What's a healthy food can go get the Innovation?
· ~ · I try to do.

Oh, I bought the first dress dogs, yes.
Dress your little cosplay ever
A-chan's underwear like Aunt Pietà after the female dog sterilization
I may be wearing clothes I'm not the first time.

But if there is biting habit Pieta, the underwear of their aunt chan
From there I have to be crumbling
Dress was going to be the impossible.
It was a laugh I bought from any sale.

Oh, he uploaded pictures and videos.
The male dog Koch Piezouno images ↓

Koch is a Pieta image ↓

But not enough to video movie with me (Oh, I entered the dog's voice) ↓

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Why just watch a scary dream?

The over on Friday, waving Whew ~ ♪

And over only, and the exhilarating feeling that despite
Now recently, I awakened from a bad dream scary
Real great deals.

Desho was attacked by a lion one day,
During this time, and thumping on the roof of the building through a window next to the toilet
Witnessed the person is dropped, it was watching me realize
I now do away with,

Two days ago a male dog from the veranda of 22F Piezouga
ーーー Pyo and I jumped, but somehow jumped in the ocean bottom,
What I do not Suggoi loud enough I actually shouted out
"Tsu Tsu ーーー Piezoo!" Or cry What,

Last night was not taken to the warehouse of the Russian Mafia caught
In the next room will have chopped the body on the bed,
What guy would not I run away from it myself someday.

Janai and I think there's something just to continue this
After you examine the net "or something heavy is not riding on the body?"
What was written.

Mumutsu, crawl it! I take the hue of my body while sleeping Piezouga! ?
Certainly just before bed, my body leaning heavy

Do it, I was quite sensitive from TV
I do not be affected by a criminal doctor's Toka

Yappari drama ~ I, the Ene example but not from you Bro.

I see a happy dream ~ cent over Uuu

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Close the box again.

I ~ cent higher Wu cabbage.
No, most vegetables is high.

Since last night was the ginger pork
I think I went to the supermarket's Yappari cabbage,
Maybe in the green leaf area eaten Suggoi to medium
298 yen would be little bitty cabbage.

With the exception also saw another super,
350 yen is likely cabbage is eaten from the outermost.

Wondering wondering, in Pye Rerelease "from 350 yen to the cabbage,
Can I replace the cabbage sprouts roasted with ginger, "What I called.
But the Datte Yappari cabbage,
What was said by phone without having to do such a thing yet.

No, more than $ 298 can buy vegetables that you mention it will be a little lost.
As a bonus, "never seen a super price when you buy vegetables," Did I not say to the.
I'm such a human mon ~ Well like it.

Well Well, the box had been opened in the new year 物欲 Bancho
You gotta think a little savings.

In fact
During this three-day weekend, and Innovation over Guguguguguguu last stand
There are families in Barney's sale,
We've got a chatter box opens Pakapaka
Oh, they dress from 3,000 yen 5,000 yen Toka Nevertheless, the
It's cute by Mon!

And over only, but no longer spending money

In, What I think can not work something while still in the house.
Take that path to the image off! ? You think,
$ 0.50 at the Toka Yarurashii even one apparently complex image abroad Suggoi
Toka material up for sale on the site ~ I take a picture,
Listen to the trouble site Toka byte?
Koch is also likely to store up to hear me even Futsufutsu

~ What's hard not to make money.

I wish the opening of the box is a simple

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What's a day early update.

Oh, Now What I forgot to write yesterday Stomach Cancer,
It's like it a little attraction.

Strewn on the plate moves, grab the bar on both sides
For while on the move with, this time being For ~ U under
What is right around two turns and
The barium's white around the mouth yet.

How can I rotate it Toka-chan What aunt.
Well I hope the finished successfully.

During this time Oh, look at the free paper by Mr. Ryosuke Miki,
Look at the ads in the trains and then hanging,
Saw on television the night by the day!
Wu, seen it three times a day.
What is it, write it Yare long breath What?
What is that, by not bought a DVD of the long breath!

I not seen the DVD yet, I do boo boo.
Rerelease Pye is something, before the company begins work
What have you been doing with all
Laugh and think.

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Three-day weekend was swayed by barium

Whew ~ part
It was the mercy of holidays per cent barium

Cancer screening with a cup of barium in the city last Friday,
I got the barium go out drinking with two laxative tablets at the hospital,
Go out the next day from a hospital were also hear holiday
It is commercially available laxatives and enemas ~ per cent.

, And barium can not be confirmed today
Once you have written full of scary that search on the net
Today I went to the hospital are examined.

There's a nurse, "I think out of barium
Tetara afford to live in, it suddenly freezes when chat
From the heart is ~ I know a lot of trouble, "What you say,
I still do not take a barium x-rays and Dr.
X-ray of the abdomen are we asked to know What is the means.

In, What I would not worry Well I left in the cecum.

Oh ~ Oh no, I drink barium per cent longer

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Do sit-ups this year.

~ Well yesterday's came to replace Mr. Gol car tires.
The former was replaced six years ago Dattarashii
People shop, "Hey ~ 120 years is about to say at the age of man"
What was said.

~ But I know I can but it's changed so much
How would, I felt I was a little burst ぽ.

Oh, while the exchange, there are comics in the store
"Aim for the Ace!" The reading came in, I ~ ~ Classics

Oh, but Today is Friday, Ha.
It's holiday and also by!

Oh Oh, I would like to exercise on weekends.
Because it is smoked in weight gain or even Rooms ~ U ~!
Oh Yorotsu

Been getting a free newspaper in the golf shop during this
Read on the train since updating to Tiger, but also has written before
Mr. Ryosuke Miki "long breath," an article of diet
In the DVD's Ryosuke Miki saw the hanging a train to care what
I had to just above ads.

~ What is it that I can Yare hue diet long breath! ?
What is that, first seen yesterday.

Oh, and chatter stopped doing even glimpsed before
Well, here Yametara
A Yametara over over! Murmur murmur

I'm going over Wu, my year by the difference! (Kit)

The break Oh, I can sit-ups!

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First job this year

Mon in the new year with something that continues to surprise many
Maybe this is still 2012.
What do I have to be surprised every day Janai
Think a little nervous.

Oh, but today was the beginning of the company's work.
Get off at Shibuya Station, I went to the company's long time
Commercial facilities "Hikarie" by not surprised to see it!
Anna Tsu Itsuno間Ni skyscraper!

Before I Was When I saw was digging a hole
Sururashii open in late April.

In walking along Meiji-dori Tetara Tekuteku
That the rapid turnover of shops ~ Well
歩Kuta Binibikkurishitetasa about 20m.

Hey What is amazing shop I think it continues for many years.

Hatsumode went to everyone in the office and on the Hikawa Shrine nearby.
Safe and healthy to spend all this year

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Sleepy from the exercise after a long time.

It was a long time today Suggoi golf.
Well, for a long time even swing a club.
A limp but I already have in place before the practice round yet
I physically dangerous dangerous falls.

Oh, this morning Oh, and therefore your favorite ear!
(What 言Urashii ear mufflers) and want try
I'm chattering over broken Tsu Shobo top of his head snap around.

I remember I bought you been Tatte ear acquaintance 30,000 yen
N 買Emase of such expensive.
The sale's, there are about 2,000 yen if 出Se.
I'm hearing pretty cold when you're a walking What dogs.

Sateto, company car starts from tomorrow

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Hakone Ekiden watch in the car.

Today I've had the Hakone Ekiden.

Did he hang around in the car but from Yokohama in the morning,
Now coming towards the congested Tetara gradually return home shopping,
No way I started marathon? What Tetara running while saying,
What? Is stopped when the first police officer
I went running to the car in front of the relay.

In the rainy day No way Tetara · ~ · What is said,
You's right, now the front of the runners passing by,
The compromise of a relay race over in a moment.

But I had great timing
We watch from in front of the family Well.

Return home safely, along with dogs
It was day before yesterday I went to the shrine again hatsumode challenge.

The resignation also came back from a day full of people.

~ This year I will be the year that every Yarra

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It has been a long day

Well today has opened the box ~
Go shopping spirit named
Apakattona Oh, so the flap in the morning.

I went from Yokohama around 9:30 today's sale.
I think Tetara open at 10,
The people hanging around with a bag of shopping bags and happily,
Tsu No! What I went to the store and want!
Did not open by now!
In, I can Getsu cent and Camper boots!

Tetara still hanging around and then
Face out of the box for hours recently containment Banchou Did 物欲
Tsu desire not confined anymore Ah!
~ Oh Pakatsu

, And grumbling from the back Futsufutsu
Did I also went shopping for lunch uncontrollably.

In the shop that toots your skirts and pants in hand Tetara
"Oh, I also have skirts that cover ~" What
Pray for peace whisper!

Yaba said, I called to her mother I would like to do
"Did aligned vertically by Yappari is better!" What is that three orders.

~ Well burnt
I get back to the empty shell that once 出Shi切Tsu desires,
Rerelease the Pye "I go to IKEA?" What,
Well not mind me using the tweet.
This is not only the opportunity to go again!
What's that to IKEA Kohoku.

In the car returned to the parking lot and go buy one chair leg!
I looked for but not yet running, and therefore the car!
Oh, the Yarra! What is it with impatience
Mr. shop over to us "was the Yarra!" What
Pye received a call from the moment you say Rerelease
"This're in P1! Of a car stopped P2!" What can
Said while standing over the P2 見Tsukemashi Let go Let over!

~ ~ Well I'm glad relieved cent.

But in Pye Rerelease
"No golf Nantes not be stolen 24 years ago Anna!" What is over Now

Whew ~ Today was a day longer.

Well, in this neighborhood because I had written various other full.


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Thank you again this year.

January 1, 2012.

Last night, in just 12 hours each year doing
He opened the sparkling wine,
"You can get rid Sorosoro anymore? Actually, all
Arcaro cent I'm in Japanese sake of "What,
But he told Pye Rerelease

Now Yappari, Innovation and an opening in just pfft.
In this year he was eventually rose of spumante.

Muu sold something ~
I feel that writing the same thing as doing the same thing every year
Or the family.

Oh, and this morning I go along with the dogs hatsumode
I went looking on the net but the shrine of the neighborhood,
Is full of people walked their dogs Suggoi
What Chatter quit and come back in the middle.

Hikawa Shrine in the neighborhood of a few people from the company ~ I
I imagine that he went to
I did not have people like that.

Soreto evening will be chased by a lion dreaming
Eyes and woke up several times during the night
Now the lion also came out after I woke up in bed yet,
I was scared all the way to Lion Bakkari cent in morning
Woo ~

This year, smiling people filled so years now, slap.

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